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narnia read-along: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

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Death is not the greatest loss in life.The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

—Norman Cousins (via sad-plath)

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Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

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narnia meme: [2/6] characters 
          “Don’t run from who you are.”

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Amy McNamara, Lovely, Dark and Deep

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Digory Kirke (or Professor Kirke) - ooc -

silence-and-slumber wondered,
Naerwen walked along the beach, enjoying the warming weather. As she strolled, she hummed to herself quietly. But seeing a figure up ahead, she stopped, frozen by fear. By timidity. "O-Oh, forgive me."



The boy had heard about the islands of Narnia. He had never been to one, but he had searched about them in the library of Cair Paravel. He wished he could see one, but he knew it was difficult to his parents let him go to one, alone. But maybe, seeing from the beach, he could see a glance from one of them, he thought. He walked along the beach, his blue eyes not leaving the water.

He walked several miles and didn’t get a single glance of one of the islands. Well, they must be very very far. Maybe from the highest tower from the castle he would be able to see one of them, but who was him to ask if he could go to the highest tower? It probably belonged to one of the Kings or Queen.

He sat on the sand, sighing. His house wasn’t near to the beach, and it was such a travel to get there, and now, in vain. But at least he had still time to visit the library before being time to go back to his home. With his finger he started to draw in the sand. He wasn’t the best in drawings, not like his father. He could not understand how his father could easily draw everything. He tried to draw an island but it ended looking a mountain. Angered, he erased the drawing with his hand.

Even though it is hard to hear someone approaching you while walking in the sand, Digory had a sensation someone was getting close, and he could see the shadow covering the sand. Turning his head quickly he saw a woman he had never seen before. She seemed to very shy as she spoke to him. Did he look angry? He smiled at her, standing up.

“You did nothing wrong,” He said, trying to sound polite. He was taller than her, but she seemed older. She was also very beautiful, with long brown locks of hair. For a moment he felt shy, all dirty. He tried to clean a bit of the sand on his shorts, “I’m Digory,” He said.

Wen’s eyes widened. How sweet of the boy to offer to help her! It never ceased to amaze her how unbelievably kind some could be to her, a complete stranger. And a potentially dangerous stranger at that.

Her visions had caused death before; so much death. She didn’t want that to happen again, but knew it was out of her control. For one who could see into the future, she had very little control over any of it.

“Thank you. I appreciate that very much.” She answered meekly. “Perhaps in return I could help you with something? Are you looking for someone, or do you need anything?”

The Prophetess could feel the worry, the longing, rolling off him like the waves of the ocean keeping them company. So young, she thought, to carry such heavy thoughts. If there was anything she could do to aid her new friend, she would.

The boy has always been taught to be nice to everyone. In his nature, he was gentle, like his mother. But the world can transform one and for a time the boy wasn’t too gentle as he was taught to be. It was, in his mind, his uncle’s fault. He lost his mind with uncle Andrew and treated his uncle as his uncle treated him, what wasn’t nice. But because of it, Digory started to be mean to others too. Why he needed to be good all the time if the others weren’t? What would he get from it? He remembers meeting Polly Plummer for the first time, and even though he wasn’t nice to her at all on their first talk, they ended up being best friends. And even after that Digory treated her a bit mean, even hurt her physically. But then something happened, and it opened his heart and soul. He didn’t need to be mean. He didn’t need to expect to have anything in return just because he was being nice. He just needed to be nice. Aslan taught him this, and it was a lesson he carried to his heart until the last of his days.

It was a pleasure to help the woman, and even a bigger pleasure to see how happy she was with his help. This made him smile.

“Yes,” His answer was a bit too quick. Maybe it was because Polly wouldn’t get away from his mind. “I mean, yes, if you’re willing to help me, I would be very glad.” He stared down, “Well, it is a girl,” He said and his cheeks started to burn. Why was this happening? Why has this been happening so often lately? He tried to get rid of such thoughts, “Well, she is my best friend. Polly, Polly Plummer. She is shorter than me, dark skin, very thin, usually uses a blue dress…” And then he shrugged, his blue eyes locked on the woman’s face, “I just want to know if she is alright…”

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narnia meme: [4/5] locations 
          Professor Digory Kirke’s House

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