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Amy McNamara, Lovely, Dark and Deep

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Digory Kirke (or Professor Kirke) - ooc -

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Naerwen walked along the beach, enjoying the warming weather. As she strolled, she hummed to herself quietly. But seeing a figure up ahead, she stopped, frozen by fear. By timidity. "O-Oh, forgive me."



The boy had heard about the islands of Narnia. He had never been to one, but he had searched about them in the library of Cair Paravel. He wished he could see one, but he knew it was difficult to his parents let him go to one, alone. But maybe, seeing from the beach, he could see a glance from one of them, he thought. He walked along the beach, his blue eyes not leaving the water.

He walked several miles and didn’t get a single glance of one of the islands. Well, they must be very very far. Maybe from the highest tower from the castle he would be able to see one of them, but who was him to ask if he could go to the highest tower? It probably belonged to one of the Kings or Queen.

He sat on the sand, sighing. His house wasn’t near to the beach, and it was such a travel to get there, and now, in vain. But at least he had still time to visit the library before being time to go back to his home. With his finger he started to draw in the sand. He wasn’t the best in drawings, not like his father. He could not understand how his father could easily draw everything. He tried to draw an island but it ended looking a mountain. Angered, he erased the drawing with his hand.

Even though it is hard to hear someone approaching you while walking in the sand, Digory had a sensation someone was getting close, and he could see the shadow covering the sand. Turning his head quickly he saw a woman he had never seen before. She seemed to very shy as she spoke to him. Did he look angry? He smiled at her, standing up.

“You did nothing wrong,” He said, trying to sound polite. He was taller than her, but she seemed older. She was also very beautiful, with long brown locks of hair. For a moment he felt shy, all dirty. He tried to clean a bit of the sand on his shorts, “I’m Digory,” He said.

Wen’s eyes widened. How sweet of the boy to offer to help her! It never ceased to amaze her how unbelievably kind some could be to her, a complete stranger. And a potentially dangerous stranger at that.

Her visions had caused death before; so much death. She didn’t want that to happen again, but knew it was out of her control. For one who could see into the future, she had very little control over any of it.

“Thank you. I appreciate that very much.” She answered meekly. “Perhaps in return I could help you with something? Are you looking for someone, or do you need anything?”

The Prophetess could feel the worry, the longing, rolling off him like the waves of the ocean keeping them company. So young, she thought, to carry such heavy thoughts. If there was anything she could do to aid her new friend, she would.

The boy has always been taught to be nice to everyone. In his nature, he was gentle, like his mother. But the world can transform one and for a time the boy wasn’t too gentle as he was taught to be. It was, in his mind, his uncle’s fault. He lost his mind with uncle Andrew and treated his uncle as his uncle treated him, what wasn’t nice. But because of it, Digory started to be mean to others too. Why he needed to be good all the time if the others weren’t? What would he get from it? He remembers meeting Polly Plummer for the first time, and even though he wasn’t nice to her at all on their first talk, they ended up being best friends. And even after that Digory treated her a bit mean, even hurt her physically. But then something happened, and it opened his heart and soul. He didn’t need to be mean. He didn’t need to expect to have anything in return just because he was being nice. He just needed to be nice. Aslan taught him this, and it was a lesson he carried to his heart until the last of his days.

It was a pleasure to help the woman, and even a bigger pleasure to see how happy she was with his help. This made him smile.

“Yes,” His answer was a bit too quick. Maybe it was because Polly wouldn’t get away from his mind. “I mean, yes, if you’re willing to help me, I would be very glad.” He stared down, “Well, it is a girl,” He said and his cheeks started to burn. Why was this happening? Why has this been happening so often lately? He tried to get rid of such thoughts, “Well, she is my best friend. Polly, Polly Plummer. She is shorter than me, dark skin, very thin, usually uses a blue dress…” And then he shrugged, his blue eyes locked on the woman’s face, “I just want to know if she is alright…”

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narnia meme: [4/5] locations 
          Professor Digory Kirke’s House

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The dark side of a Fairytale || Digory & Aldara


Aldara saw how his cheeks turned into a bright red, making her realize that maybe her suddenly display of attention by physical touch was a bit too much for Digory. They were friends, but they weren’t that close though the girl did care for him a lot. She loved that little, now not that little, boy that could leave her speechless because of how smart he was “sorry” mumbled a bit embarrassed of her own actions.

She laughed in a low tone “yeah, that makes sense. My parents are not tall so I’m a bit short”. She nodded looking at him “time flies, doesn’t it? A year ago you were a little boy and now here you are” said admiring his changed face “it’s like my siblings, I can’t believe how much they have grown because it was like yesterday they were childs and always asking me to play”. Yeah, time passed to fast and Aldara didn’t really like that, but what she could do? Nothing. She laughed again “yeah, that helps. Maybe I should do something in my hair to look older because right now I look younger than you”.

"Thanks the Great Lion" said when Digory confirmed their parents were alright "I don’t know your father, but I do know lady Mabel" smiled at him "she is one of the most lovely persons I’ve ever met and I know she was in the castle to help the injured ones. I’m so happy both of them are alright".

Aldara nodded “yes, they are all fine. I ask them not to participate in the war because my father thought about it but it was enough with one member of the family. Besides he’s the man of the family, he has to take care of the family” explained looking at her fingers “I’m the only one injured but it’s alright, I’m alive so it’s alright” said touching her neck softly.

The concentration of blood on his cheeks were intense. His heart was in a very quick pace. There was something on his stomach too. He didn’t know what was happening, well, he knew, but he didn’t know why. Aldara was beautiful, not that he has ever looked at her to see the details of her face. But maybe being touched by a woman who was gentle and beautiful was enough for his teen body get excited. All this puberty stuff were too odd for him. She probably noticed how uncomfortable he was because she stopped to touch him, and he was glad. He concentrated on his breathing and soon everything was normal again. He lifted his blue eyes and smirked.

“It’s all about genetics,” He told her, getting excited to talk about something he knew very well, “I was starting learning it at school, but my father had taught me everything about it much before. I don’t know my father’s family, but I know mother’s and they are all as tall as her and my uncle is ever taller. So it was obvious for me that even I being really small when I was younger, I would be tall when I got older. So I tried to not get so bothered when they used to call me little stick. Now I’m as tall as them.” He smiled proudly. “Usually women grow until…” But he stopped, and once again he felt his cheeks may be burning. “Nevermind,” He added as he stared the ground.

“One can grow much in one year. By Jove, I was so short. I could not reach some things now I can.” He raised his arm as if to show how long they were. Then he giggled a little shy and touched his hair. It was as dark as his mother’s, but now he cut it short like his father’s, “It is almost a military cut, and it’s the same my father use, so maybe it’s what makes me look older. As for you…” he looked the woman in front of him. She didn’t look old, but she didn’t look Digory’s age neither. “If you put your hair into a bun maybe you’ll look older because that is the look most mature women have.” He could remember the difference in his mother when she was using a bun and when she let her hair free. She used the bun when she was doing chores, or when she had to do something important, while she let her hair free when she plays the piano, when she used to play with him in the park, when she let herself be more free, like a child. Her aunt, Letitia, almost always use her hair in a bun, and she always look very old and mature.

Digory nodded, not controlling the smile playing on his face. He was very happy and glad his little family was well. When his mother was at the castle, for a moment he felt almost in peace, but when he heard the castle had been attacked, he felt sick. He felt so sick and worried that he got ill and all he could do was stay in bed and cry in the night. Not really a good image for a young man, but he could not bear to lose his mother, not her. His father even tried to cheer him up, and he had success at some point, but at the night, alone, with only the moon on his window, he would think on his mom and the tears would come to his eyes and he would think if she would be looking at the same moon and thinking about him. When the war was over he kept asking his father for news about what happened, since he was forbidden to go outside. For a week he was still feeling sick because no message arrived to them, just that the war was over and that there were a lot of losses, not only in lives but also in buildings. He tried to be optimistic, but the odds were not on his side, so all he could think was in the worst. But one day a letter arrived, and it said Mabel Kirke was well though she would stay a few days more in the castle. His heart finally was in peace.

The boy stayed quiet. It was good to know her family was well, not everyone had that luck. He saw Aldara touching her neck and tried to observe if he could spot anything there, but her hair was covering it, “What happened to your neck? Did you hurt it?”

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Hellu, darling. [wraps arms around him] I do believe you are due for a new jacket. I was washing it yesterday and another button is loose.



Great Scott ! *sighs* It is too old, isn't? Now two buttons are missing, there is four left, thought...

...I cannot use it anymore, can I?

Hm. Well I suppose it is to your liking, my love. There doesn’t seem to be a set fashion regarding men’s hair lengths. Not in this world, anyway. I find you to be certainly mignon. Maybe that’s a question for your father, hm? Unless you want me to cut it for you now. 



Well... from the narnian boys around my age I've seen so far, they have their hair longer than mine. It seems the fashion is to copy the hair of the knights, while the knights seem to copy their hair from the royalty, so I can assume that the fashion is the royalty length, which is around the shoulders. But *smirks* I've never been one to follow fashion rules, but my own liking. I think I like it this way, when I cut it shorter people didn't recognize me, so I think my hair like this is like a mark. Let's leave it like this *smiles*

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Reblog if you RP a character from Chronicles of Narnia.



Whether it’s the book series or the movies.

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Pooh! Grown-ups are always thinking of uninteresting explanations.

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[ I was tagged by catwhatcat ]

Rules: In a text post, list ten books that have stayed with you in some way. Don’t take but a few minutes, and don’t think too hard — they don’t have to be the “right” or “great” works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag [ten] friends, plus me so I’ll see your list.

  1. Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone - J.K. Rowling
  2. The Invention of Hugo Cabret - Brian Selznick
  3. Le Petit Prince - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  4. Ender’s Game - Orson Scott Card
  5. If I Stay - Gayle Forman
  6. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew - C.S. Lewis
  7. The Book Thief - Markus Zusak
  8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky
  9. The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
  10. Life of Pi - Yann Martel
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