I finally got around to reading the Magician’s Nephew, and I really just had to draw Polly and Digory, floating through the pool between worlds.

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jadis by cherryclaires

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The Chronicles Of Narnia by C. S. Lewis7 books. 7 quotes. 7 days.

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An artist’s interpretation of the Wood Between the Worlds

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silver-apple wondered,
[text] Are you lost?

[text] Mom!! I swear I just went to the book store very quick just to look for a book i need

[text] are you still in the grocery store?

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silence-and-slumber wondered,
{text} Are you lost?

[text] haha nope

[text] …

[text] okay i might be

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kingedmundofnarnia wondered,
[text] Are you lost?

[text] as usual

[text] where is again the place we are going to meet?

[text] I mean, how do i get there

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leinyjean wondered,
I love the fact that you use Asa Butterfield as Digory in your edits! I've always imagined him as Digory.. He would be the perfect role when they ever make a movie. I'm always picking out random people to play the parts, but he always remains Digory lol Also, I love your blog! Narnia is a pretty big thing in my family, and The Magician's Nephew has always been my favorite book and has meant the world to me.. As long as I can remember. Your blog has definitely made my day better. Thank you :)

I know right? Sadly he is too old for Digory now, and will be even older when they decide to do “The Magician’s Nephew” But he will be always my forever Digory. Aw, MN is also my favorite Narnia book, and thank you!! <3

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